A Better Way to Live.

JD Development Group represents quality design, innovative process and long-term value. With partners, investors and residents in mind, we strategically convert desirable locations with high, untapped potential into thriving student, residential, mixed-use and commercial developments.

JD Development GROUP represents quality design, innovative process and long-term value.


Our culture enables us to act with consideration and in collaboration - it is why we are different. Our strong track record has been built on our ability to work efficiently and diligently with our partners to create exceptional, vibrant communities.

We are driven by a single, comprehensive goal: provide our PURCHASER with distinguished design, efficient service and ensure our developments prove valuable investments.



The Foundation Upon Which All That We Build Stands.

Our heritage is a belief: We have the power to change Canada’s urban landscape. Our communities, our people and our services carry it with them.

Creating a better way to live compels us to transform every aspect of the traditional. Through developments, principles and process, we preserve and pass our heritage on to the many.


Access Education

Our Point Of Contact.

Students are introduced to JD Development Group the moment they need a place of their own. Our residences allow them the opportunity to thrive in the world of academia. We leverage and nurture these relationships moving forward: our students can rely on our condominiums and homes to have the particular qualities that they are now so familiar with.


Develop Partnership

Visions Meet.

We work in tandem with our partners. The process is an exchange of insights and possibilities, enabling us to realize new potential and create a whole that is bigger than the sum of its parts: the gestalt. The opportunities we present are only those that meet our stringent criteria and hold the promise of great return.


Further Design

Giving Form to Sentiment.

Our design is the product of a hands-on approach. The JD Development Group team is a collection of various industry experts and design specialists who tap into their vast experience to extract then implement innovative design rooted in contemporary quality and familiar comforts.


Redefine Service

Immaculate Execution.

Effectiveness and efficiency guide us in construction and property management; we treat them as mandates. Our responsibility is to our developments’ residents and our partners. Through immaculate service, we show them the dedication we have to our purpose.


Maintain Support

The Fabric of Our Communities.

Our passion for building communities means we do our utmost to preserve them and leave behind a legacy for the generations to come. We are proud to support local charitable organizations through donations and community leadership, championing the importance of being part of a greater collective.


Embed Value

A Perfect Circle.

We provide value for each perspective associated with JD Development Group. Our residents are given value in experience: a better way to live. Our partners are given value in purpose: the developments we create set a different, higher standard. Our investors are given value in result: their assets see high growth, high return.



Creating Cherished Communities.

It began with investing in tomorrow. Initially, we served the needs of students from around the world, providing them condominium-style living experiences at affordable prices. Then, the idea extended, strengthened, and embraced the principle of lifetime value. Today, we add to our portfolio of student residences by creating high-quality, innovative residential developments: condominiums, homes, communities in which families, generations, live.

Commitment to each of our developments and the desire to serve niche market needs are what led us to be awarded the Winner of ‘Best Single-Family Home over $1,000,000.’ What began as an investment in tomorrow has become an award-winning creation of the future.



Instilling Lifetime Value Through Unique Perspective and Complete Service.

Innovative vision together with decades of valuable experience have enabled us to streamline and distinguish our entire approach. Proactive and efficient, we oversee the process from the acquisition of land, architectural design and construction, to project financing, marketing, leasing and property management.

Advanced design, meticulous execution, keen attention to detail, unique expertise and transparent communication—it is through this that we provide our clients incomparable communities and lifetime value.



The Industry’s Finest Come Together.

Our team’s expertise and commitment have been central to the reputation we have today built. Since JD Development Group was founded in 2010, they have been the catalysts of progress, lending their unique expertise and industry knowledge to give our residents a better way to live.

Every member brings years of vast, varied experience.
Difference becomes distinction.
Together, we are JD Development Group.



Your Place in Our Tomorrow.

We want to create homes, neighbourhoods and communities that change how people experience their surroundings, how residences are imagined and how cities are lived in. At JD Development Group, we give people something constant in a world that is constantly changing. We are there for the memorable moments—a home for every milestone.

Here, creation lasts generations.
Here, you become part of many tomorrows.
At JD Development Group, your work is timeless; there will always be a future that needs to be made.

If you would like to become part of our team, please submit your resume below and we will be in touch shortly.



Why work here?


Our work is truly life changing—we build with passion and care for students and communities.


Joining JD Development Group is about joining a culture of openness, collaboration, trust, and the invitation and expectation to have a voice.


Careers are made from experiences. At JD Development, those experiences can be diverse, inspirational and far-reaching.

We will inspire you, challenge you and support you on your path to growth and success


By becoming part of our team, you will enjoy:

  • Amazing  team of knowledgeable professionals
  • Hands on management, invested in supporting you
  • Excellent health benefits plan (100% dental, eye, prescriptions coverage – to list a few)
  • RRSP matching
  • Work-Life balance

If you would like to become part of our team, please send your resume to [email protected] or click the Apply button below: